Friday, November 24, 2006

Under Orders

Dick Francis is one of the most prolific mystery writers around today, with many dozens of novels that feature horse racing sooner or later. After the publication of Shattered, and the death of his beloved wife, it seemed that he was done writing forever, but now, six years later, Under Orders shows that he is back and in fine form.

This book features Sid Halley, jockey-turned-sleuth, who once again, despite or because of physical threats, relentlessly seeks out the criminals at large in the horse racing world. Halley still has the crippled hand and the dogged determination that so distinguishes him, but he now has a beautiful Dutch girlfriend, which brings him both happiness and vulnerability. Can he have the same disregard for her physical well-being as he does for his own?

Dick Francis has done it again. I hope he will keep writing; I have missed his work, and enjoyed Under Orders thoroughly.


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