Saturday, August 11, 2012

The City and the City

China Mieville has a formidable literary reputation, and when you apply this to a mystery flavored with a dash of fantasy, it sounds like just my cup of tea.

I did not finish this, though, and this review is not really a review, but a Note to Self.

The tone of this book is gritty realism. Not dark, but not cheerful or humorous, unless there's some dark humor lurking in the corners. Right now I need to focus on the sunny side, so one fine day I will return to this book and try again. I suspect it will be well worth it, when I am ready.

But if you are not me, note that this book begins in a city in Eastern Europe, and the discovery of a dead Jane Doe. The police investigator proceeds, and the story, I understand, takes a turn for the weird.


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