Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Home Therapy: Fast, Easy, Affordable Makeovers

The author, Lauri Ward, has apparently made a name for herself with the concept of Use What You Have (r) decorating. Home Therapy has a promising premise: that you can redecorate with what you have, and addressed some problems that interest me: decluttering, creating a home office, downsizing, etc. So I dove in.

Well, I probably had unrealistic expectations. But it seemed like the solution to most problems was rearranging the furniture and placing the area rug at an angle. There were also some tidbits of advice that to me were fairly obvious, such as: Tavor's souvenirs from his travels are all large scale indigenous artworks, and they have taken over the apartment. What to do? Create an attractive display with some, and store the rest. Well, duh.

I didn't actually read the book cover to cover; it's not that kind of book. But I read enough to know that I have exhausted the possibilites for me.


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