Saturday, November 10, 2007


How Luxury Lost its Luster

The Vuitton luggage, the Chanel bag, the Dior dress--all come from a tradition of luxury and exclusiveness. That tradition has evolved into a powerhouse industry that has changed luxury to a commodity that anyone can possess. Dana Thomas documents that evolution in Deluxe, which will change the way you see this season's Prada bag.

Thomas begins by noting the beginnings of luxury, the foundation of the great luxury product houses, and their corporatization, if you will, in recent decades. There are chapters on marketing through Hollywood celebrities, scent and its profitability, handbags, designer clothing, mass production and marketing, and the enormous problem of counterfeiting.

There is, however, a final chapter on The New Luxury. Because when luxury gets democratized, the elite consumers--those who have always patronized luxury--will find someone to provide something truly exclusive. So if luxury is your passion or your profession, you need to read this.


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