Monday, August 14, 2006

The Little Lady Agency

Hester Browne's first novel is Brit chick lit at its best. Melissa Romney-Jones, at loose-ends after being downsized, launches The Little Lady Agency to profit from what she does best: tidying up people's social lives by handling wife-girlfriend tasks such as shopping, party-hosting, and playing girlfriend for social events. No, none of that naughty stuff, thank you very much--Melissa is terrified of the type of headlines generated by her womanizing MP father, going so far as to adopt an alter-ego for work named Honey, with a blonde wig, a sultry wardrobe, and a heaping helping of self-confidence.

But things begin to get interesting when Jonathan Riley arrives on the scene. He is Honey's client, Melissa's best friend's boss--and starting to look like the kind of man Melissa has always dreamed of. But how can Honey's client ever learn to know and love Melissa?

This is a cheerful and madcap party of a book, frothy fun from beginning to end. Melissa is clueless without being inane, and her world is full of delightful characters and fun plot twists. Enjoy.


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can you check this out from the library for me? I totally want to read it :)

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