Friday, August 04, 2006

San Francisco As You Like It

Bonnie Wach is on to something here. Her 20 customized tours of San Francisco are designed to please a broad variety of guests who want to see The City.

* Parents
* Grandparents
* Weary Young Families (the kind with small children)
* Avant-Garde Aunts (eclectic eccentrics)
* Nieces, Nephews, and Other Pesky Kids (older kids and preteens)
* Cynical Natives (been there, done that)
* Impressionable Dates
* San Francisco Virgins (never been there before)
* Extroverts
* Foodies
* Green Types (earth-savers)
* Cheapskates
* Shopaholics
* Fitness Freaks and Heavy Sweaters
* Yuppies
* Current & Former Hippies
* Queer & Curious
* Neo-Bohemians (Beatniks)
* The Politically Correct
* Culture Vultures

These all have great ideas, and seem to be onto a lot of the good stuff. In addition, I see these as completely blendable, so you could combine elements of the Shopaholic and the Extrovert for the former college roommate who wants to shop and club. I could even take some of these tours for myself, if I wanted to explore The City with a little more depth or breadth. A great resource.


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