Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Book of Lost Things

I liked the concept of The Book of Lost Things, and certainly what I read was well written and compelling. Young David mourns his dead mother, and turns to his well-loved books that his mother so loved to read to and with him. In time, he is drawn into their world, and faces danger and terror there.

That is as far as I got, although the Crooked Man is heavily foreshadowed. But I do not care to cultivate the part of myself that resonates to the dark and violent undertone of this book. So I skipped to the end and resolved the story to my satisfaction, although not without regret. John Connolly is certainly worth reading, but his work is not for me.

The thematic elements of fairy tales and stories appeal to me enormously, and if they appeal to you, and you don't mind the darker elements, you will probably enjoy this book as much as I'd hoped to.


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