Friday, September 15, 2006

Town & Country Modern Manners

The Thinking Person's Guide to Social Graces

Sounds like an etiquette book, doesn't it? But it's really a compilation of essays published in Town & Country magazine's Social Graces column. So Charles Osgood discusses the virtues of winning and losing gracefully. David Brown shares insights into the etiquette of a spendthrift living with a tightwad (spouse Helen Gurley Brown). Hugh Downs reveals the joys of great-grandchildren. And Peggy Noonan talks about post-9/11 attitude shifts.

Some are more interesting than others, but I suspect the interest shifts with the reader. The writing is good, the topics fresh, friendly, and within the scope of normal existence, meaning there are no discussions about seating charts when you're entertaining both the French ambassador AND the Sultan of Brunei.

I probably won't read it again, but I enjoyed reading it once. If modern manners are your thing, enjoy.


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